Letters from Bishop Jaech:

Letters from 2019

Bishop Jaech’s thank you for re-election 6-14-19 (9-14-19)- pdf

Bishop’s Announcement of new Bishop’s Associate (9-12-9)- pdf

Letters from 2018    Response to shootings at Tree of Life Synagogue–  (10-29-18),    Protecting Young Children at our Borders (5-11-18)

Letters from 2017   Care for Immigrants and Refugees (4/19/2017) -pdf;  “Immigration Refugee Blockage Contrary to the Way of Christ” (1/30/17)

Letters from 2016: Bishop Jaech Clings to God- July 8, 2016 (pdf)

Letters from 2015: Open Letter to Muslim American Community from Presiding Bishop Eaton;    Bishop Jaech’s Letter on Racism;  Letter from the ELCA Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton; Bishop’s letter on Orlando shooting

Synod and Synod Ministry Newsletters:

October 2019

Moments for Mission-October 2019– (Synod News)

E-News October 13, 2019 (8am) https://conta.cc/329i13V

September 2019

Moments for Mission– September (Synod News)

E-News Week of September 9, 2019

August 2019

Moments for Mission-July 2019 – pdf  (Synod news)

SWATCH Conference News (Synodical Women’s Organization)- pdf

May 2019

E-news May 27th

SWATCH – May 2019 (Synodical Women’s Organization news)- pdf

The Rock , newsletter of Living Stones Prison Congregation, Spring 2019- pdf

April 2019

Moments for Mission– April 2019 (Synod news)- pdf

March 2019

Moments for Mission – March 2019 (Synod news)- pdf

SWATCH -March 2019 (Synodical Women’s Organization news)

E-News:  Week of March 11, 20199

February 2019

Moments for Mission – February 2019 (Synod news)- pdf

The Rock newsletter from Living Stones Prison Congregation, Special Edition honoring Prison Chaplain Garringer

January 2019

Moments for Mission– January 2019 (Synod news)- pdf

E-News Jan 14, 2019

SWATCH– January 2019 (news of Synodical Women of the ELCA)

December 2018

Moments for Mission – December 2018 (Synod news)- pdf

November 2018

Moments for Mission -November 2018 (update) (Synod News)- pdf

The Rock -Fall 2018 (Living Stones Prison Congregation newsletter)- pdf

SWATCH Nov 2018 (Synod Women of the ELCA newsletter

Administration Matters  (ELCA Blog for church administrators)

 Luther Seminary daily devotions