Bishop Jaech letter in response to shootings at Tree of Life Synagogue– pdf  (10-29-18)

Bishop Letter on Protecting Young Children at our Borders (5-11-2018)= pdf

Bishop Letter on Care for Immigrants and Refugees (4/19/2017) -pdf

Bishop Jaech’s Letter “Immigration Refugee Blockage Contrary to the Way of Christ” (1/30/17)

Bishop Jaech Clings to God- July 8, 2016 (pdf)

Open Letter to Muslim American Community from Presiding Bishop Eaton

Bishop Jaech’s Letter on Racism

Letter from the ELCA Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton

Bishop’s letter on Orlando shooting

Synod and Synod Ministry Newsletters:

December 2018

Moments for Mission – December 2018 (Synod news)- pdf

November 2018

Moments for Mission -November 2018 (update) (Synod News)- pdf

The Rock -Fall 2018 (Living Stones Prison Congregation newsletter)- pdf

SWATCH Nov 2018 (Synod Women of the ELCA newsletter)

October 2018

Moments for Mission October 2018–  (Synod news)- pdf

September 2018

Moments for Mission September 2018–  (Synod news)- pdf

Living Stones Newsletter Summer -Aug 2018

SWATCH September 2018– September 2018  Synod WELCA news

August 2018

Moments for Mission – August 2018 (Synod news)- pdf

July 2018

Moments for Mission– July 2018 (Synod news)- pdf

June 2018

Moments for Mission June 2018  (Synod news)- pdf

May 2018

Moments for Mission – May 2018 (Synod News)- pdf

April 2018

Moments for Mission – April 2018 (Synod News)- pdf

March 2018

Moments for Mission– March 2018 (Synod News)-pdf

SWATCH newsletter– March 2018 (Women of the ELCA news)

February 2018

Moments for Mission – February 2018 (Synod news)-pdf

January 2018

Moments for Mission– January 2018 (Synod news)-pdf

SWATCH newsletter – January 2018 (WELCA news)

December 2017

Moments for Mission– December 2017 (Synod news)- pdf

Administration Matters  (ELCA Blog for church administrators)

 Luther Seminary daily devotions